How to Quit your Job like a BOSS Checklist includes:

Everything you need to feel confident and prepared for your departure!

  • Creating a Plan... before quitting any gig you need to have a well thought out plan to cover any hurdles should they arise. Especially if you have benefits.  
  • How to handle medical, holiday pay & 401K prescriptions and doctor visits before you exit

  • Where and What to look for rights & benefits owed... After you quit it will be too late to try to get any needed info. Learn how, who to ask and everything you need to know surrounding your benefits before and after departure  
  • How to get started saving money and what to eliminate for major cash flow 

  • What to say and who to say it to before you leave. The art of burning bridges

Download the Quit Your Job Like a Boss Checklist Now for These Simple Steps to start planning your departure Fast & Easy!

Quit Your Job Like a Boss Checklist

Quitting your job can be intimidating, but not when you have a plan in place!

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